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Robert Downey Jr and Exton Downey - Vanity Fair Behind the Scenes

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clint and sam compliment each other on their hotness and then engage in a round of bird puns.
    ↳ “aww, thanks, clint. you’re not bad looking yourself.” “aww shucks, sam. i’m blushing.”

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I rewatched Gundam Wing recently and drew my 90’s boyfriends

Holy crap, Gundam Wing!  Duo!  <3

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No Diggity vs. Thrift Shop (Mashup) | ED SHEERAN & PASSENGER

Reblogging because I love this cover.

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The perils of tight pants


The perils of tight pants

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Breakfast Club

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mtwalker said: What was your reaction when you read the script for the season 2 finale?


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